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I live in Osmondthorpe quite close to Leeds city centre in West Yorkshire. My house is Victorian built about 1897, I have a small garden only 55ft by 24ft. Because I have had a couple of strokes the last in 2007 and also have arthritis the garden was designed for easy maintenance. My weather station was my prime interest but as the garden evolved and became established, I introduced bird boxes and feeders. The first success was Robins four chicks were raised and fledged in my homemade nest box. The pond originally intended to be "ornamental" soon became a bit on the wild side when frogs moved in. Looking down the garden from the house you are facing south south west, this means most of the day the sunlight is present. The rear hedge is Pyrocantha which in Autumn produces red and yellow berries that the birds adore. To the right hand side a Burberris and a Buddleja are slowly becoming established. On the raised area at the back I have planted Foxgloves, Bluebells and a variety of other plants. The winter 2010-2011 was very keen with temperatures down to minus 10C, although a few plants were lost the rest picked up and are doing well. I suppose my intention is to have wildlife garden, birds are no problem, Blue tits, Great tits, Bullfinches, Green finches and the inevitable Starlings, Blackbirds, Thrushes and Robins. I had squirrels visiting on a regular basis until recently, now I only see the odd one or two.

In the beginning deciding what went where was a mish mash of ideas and trials


Early 2003 - 2004 a pond and a few plants ..
A couple of trees........
New bigger pond going in...........
Box Hedge planted round raised area..........
New pond almost finished starlings discover it...
Pond 1 year later first frog moves in........
March 2010 pond established frogs spawning ......
Pyrocantha & Holly hedge established nearly there 2011......

That's a brief synopsis of what I've done so far, I am now concentrating on the wildlife and birds that visit my garden. I have cables for my cameras laid round the garden to junction boxes, this allows me to move the cameras without relaying the cables.The web cameras will be sited on the feeders, pond, birdbath and nest boxes as the seasons dictate.

I am now working on the back of my garden, removing the pyrocantha an replanting with bee and butterfly friendly plants.

Photography is something I enjoy the cameras I use are a Sony A57 DSLR with a variety of lenses, a Sony HX50 which is great for "Grab and Shoot" photography. Apart from the occasional cropping I try not retouch my photos unless absolutely needed. Flickr is where you will find most of my pictures, not only of my garden but my other interests there is a link at the bottom of the page.

I am very grateful to other enthusiasts and companies who have helped me to, hopefully make my garden interesting. Anyone with any suggestions or ideas to help me improve this site please don't be afraid to contact me.

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